Linked Data: a paradigm for the Semantic Web

Angelica Lo Duca - IIT-CNR

A series of lectures held for the Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria dell’Informazione @ University of Pisa.

The Semantic Web transforms the Web of documents to the Web of Data. While the Web of documents is represented mainly by hyperlinks among Web pages, the Web of Data connects data, thus providing a mechanism to discover new relationships among resources and concepts.

The Linked Data paradigm is one of the main concepts behind the Semantic Web. Linked Data is a set of best practices to connect structured data over the Web. The aim of this series of lectures is to give an overview of the basic concepts of Semantic Web and Linked Data and to provide students with some tools used within the Linked Data world.

Lecture Schedule

Lectures are held on Wednesday at 10:00 pm – 1.00 pm . Lectures start on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Week Date Topic Handout
Week 1 02/01 1 Introduction to Semantic Web Slides
2 RDF Model Slides
3 RDF Schema Slides
Week 2 02/08 4 SPARQL Slides
5 Linked Data Slides
Week 3 02/15 6 Setup of a Linked Data Node Slides
Other Material
Week 4 02/21 7 Data Linking Slides
Other Material
8 Data Quality Slides

Additional Material

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The exam consists in the creation of a Linked Data node.

In order to build a Linked Data node, the candidate should follow these steps:

  1. search for a dataset
  2. give a structure to data
  3. link data to external sources
  4. publish data as Linked Data

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